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Love Being a Mom-
Reclaiming the Magic of Motherhood

Become the mom you want to be. Find joy and gratitude every day. Feel calm, happy and at peace. Release guilt and limiting beliefs. Deepen your relationship with your child(ren) and partner. Get practical help with time management, meal planning, home organization, and parenting.

Love your life, love yourself, love being a mom. If you feel like you are watching your kid(s) grow up so fast and you don't want to have any regrets about the time you spent or did not spend with them- don't wait. Start your path to becoming the mom you want to be, today!


Health and Wellness-
Nutrition and/or Weight Loss

Change your habits, change your life. It's difficult to feel energized, focused and engaged when our lifestyles are not promoting wellness (for example, not eating well, moving our bodies, sleeping well, managing stress, or enjoying healthy relationships). Discover the power of using lifestyle as medicine.

Learn how to implement healthy habits to transform your health and wellbeing. Learn what foods to eat to improve your health, mood and energy, to prevent and reverse diseases (like heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol), and to promote longevity. 


Hi, I'm Dr. Krystal.


I help overwhelmed and exhausted moms become joyful, present and energized, so they can cherish their motherhood journey


I'm on a mission to help moms be the mom they want to be.


Do you and your family want to eat healthier but don't have a lot of time or energy to cook?


Download our FREE guide for easy, nutritious 10 minute meals that you and your family will love!

Never have to worry about a last minute dinner again! You can whip these up in less time than it takes to order out. Make meal time a snap with this free guide!


I'm Dr. Krystal!

I am passionately committed to helping moms lead healthier and happier lives. By focusing on a healthy mind and body, clear goals and values, and practical momming tools and tricks, I believe we can thrive as moms and be incredible role models to our kids as we nurture their growth. I want to provide moms with the tools and knowledge to support a fulfilling life for themselves and their families.

There was a time when the fear of missing out on my children's precious years consumed me. I felt the weight of time slipping away and I did not feel in control of my life. Today, I am living in alignment with my passions, goals, and values. I am the mom I want to be. And I want to help other moms experience that same sense of ease, intention, and love.


"Krystal is a dream to work with! She is a wonderful listener and can relate to you. She is very personal and supportive, which makes it so easy to talk to her like a best friend. Krystal helps you evaluate your problems and create the steps you need to take control of your life. She asks you the hard questions you avoid which helps you take that heavy rock of stress off your shoulders."

- Tiffany (Mom of 3yo and 5yo)

 "Krystal is phenomenal- Her compassion, thoughtfulness, and passion for her work comes across in every interaction. Krystal's truly found her calling in supporting people in the search for theirs. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. A life-affirming experience that I can't recommend highly enough!"

- Joanna (Mom of 3)


"Thank you so much... It has been and will continue to be life changing for me. I am steadily losing the weight (with very little effort) that I have struggled with for years even though I ate well (according to all the "experts") and did moderate exercise almost every day... I know the changes that I have made in my daily meals will keep me healthy for a long time."

- LL

Dr. Krystal's School of

Health and Happiness 

Take control of you and your family's health and happiness with these comprehensive courses.

A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet 101- The How and the Why

Food is medicine. Learn how to get the most food has to offer by eating a whole food, plant-based diet. It is the only diet that has been shown to reverse heart disease (the #1 killer in the US). And yes, your whole family will love it!


How to Get your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Want your kids to eat more veggies? Learn exactly how in this mini course. Learn how to release the stress related to mealtime and start enjoying that special time together instead. You will learn many practical skills and tricks and tips to increase veggie consumption and enjoyment. The techniques work on adults too :) And spoiler alert, eating veggies can be fun!


How to Handle Toddler Tantrums

Toddler years can be tough! Learn key communication and coping skills to help you navigate even the toughest toddler tantrums.


5 Nutrition Myths that are Making You Sick and Prevent Weight Loss

Is what you are eating making you sick and preventing weight loss? Learn about the most commonly believed myths that may be harming your body. Some of these myths are so widely accepted by society as fact, many do not realize they are myths at all.



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Upcoming Speaking Engagements


 Monday 6/3/24 from 6-7pm: Eat Well when you Eat Out: Tips and Tricks for Healthy Choices when Dining Out; Danville Library (Danville, CA)


Recent Speaking Engagements

Friday, 6/2: Autumn Creek Learning Center Staff (private event)

Tuesday, 6/6 (10-11am): What to eat for sustained weight loss and to prevent disease 
Mount Diablo Rooms at Danville Library (Danville, CA)
Learn what the science says about what the most powerful foods are to promote sustained weight loss and to prevent and reverse diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
Residents: $15, Non-Residents: $18

Tuesday, 6/13 (10-11am): How to Reverse Diabetes 
Mount Diablo Rooms at Danville Library (Danville, CA)
Come learn how to conquer diabetes with an evidenced-based diet and lifestyle changes.
Residents: $15, Non-Residents: $18

Thursday, 6/22: How to teach your patients about a healthy diet
John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency Program (private)

Thursday, 6/22-7/13: "How to Talk" Positive Parenting Workshop 

Thursday, 7/27: John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency Program (private) 

Friday, 7/28: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Follow Up Group (private) (Walnut Creek, CA)

Friday, 8/11: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Follow Up Group (private) (Walnut Creek, CA)

Saturday, 8/20: Chinese Christian Family Conference (private) (Tahoe, CA)

Monday, 8/21; 6:00pm-7:00pm: Nutrition for disease reversal and sustainable weight loss (Danville, CA; Danville Library: Mt. Diablo Room) *Attendance is Free*

Friday, 8/25: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Follow Up Group (private) (Walnut Creek, CA)

Fridays, 8/19-10/6: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Group - Diabetes Undone Workshop (private) (Walnut Creek, CA)

Monday, 9/18; 6:00pm-7:00pm: How to be happier- the study of positive psychology (Danville, CA; Danville Library: Mt. Diablo Room) *Attendance is Free*

Fridays, 10/27-12/22: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Group - Diabetes Undone Workshop (private) (Walnut Creek, CA)

Thursday, 12/14: How to eat well in less time- John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency Program (private)

Friday, 1/26: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Follow-Up Support Group (private event)

Friday, 2/23: Lifestyle Medicine Diabetes Management Follow-Up Support Group (private event)

Monday 5/13 from 6-7pm: Sleep Tight, Stress Light: The Crucial Role of Sleep and Stress in Health; Danville Library (Danville, CA)


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