The Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet

has been called the "ideal diet" because it has all of the following benefits...

  • Reverses heart disease (America's #1 killer)
  • Prevents/treats/reverse diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more
  • Improves mood, immune function, energy, mental clarity; reduces stress
  • Reduces risks of some cancers
  • Allows you to eat as much as you want until you feel full and satisfied
  • You do not have to calorie count or track food to lose weight
  • Includes a wide variety of food
  • Includes nutrient-rich, health-promoting foods 
  • Does not include harmful foods
  • Has shown the most sustainable weight loss of any other diet without a calorie restriction or exercise requirement
  • Has been shown sustainable as a long-term diet
  • Has a lower carbon foot print than most other diets and is better for the planet 

Want to learn exactly how (and why) to implement a WFPB diet?

I'll teach you in 5 weekly modules!




What have my patients said about the Whole Food, Plant-Based diet?

"The whole food, plant-based diet is almost too good to be true... why isn't everyone eating this way?" 

"I thought this diet was just eating salads. I was wrong. I actually really like the food. I have lost 4" from my waist and 4 dress sizes in 4 months and this was the first diet where I never felt deprived" 

"When I started on this diet, I realized I don't even like meat. I actually prefer plants. I was just eating meat out of habit." 

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The next question I typically get is...

Is this the same as a Vegan Diet?


A vegan diet is described by what one does not eat- no animal meats or animal products (dairy, eggs, honey, etc.). However the WFPB diet is described by what it does include- whole, plant foods- lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, whole grains and nuts and seeds. It also minimizes the intake of processed foods (fried food, chips, candies, pastries, cookies, fast food, oil, etc.), meat and animal products. 

For example,

Beer and French Fries

meet the criteria for a vegan diet, however

would be minimized in a WFPB diet



WFPB 101: Creating a Plant-Powered Plate

Learn exactly how to incorporate more plants into your diet so you can enjoy the incredible benefits that come with primarily whole food, plant-based eating (weight loss, improved blood sugar control, improved blood pressure, improved mood, etc.).

And no, you do not have to eat 100% whole food, plant-based to enjoy many of the benefits. Generally, your health is impacted by what you eat a majority of the time and any step toward eating more plants is good.

Each week, a new module is unveiled, allowing you to absorb and implement the information at a comfortable pace.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Learn exactly which foods are health-promoting and which are disease-worsening
  • Learn the scientific evidence supporting the positive impact of plant-based eating on overall wellness, mood and disease prevention and management.
  • Learn specific types of foods to eat and avoid in order to promote maximal weight loss 
  • Learn how to create a balanced, healthful plate
  • Learn how to transition to a whole food, plant-based diet or just include more plants: Practical strategies and an easy to follow framework for being 90% WFPB in 4 weeks (if desired)
  • Learn key nutrient considerations for a WFPB diet
  • Learn about the environmental and ethical aspects of a plant-based diet, including its positive impact on sustainability and animal welfare. 
  • Have common concerns and misconceptions about a plant-based diet, such as protein adequacy, taste, variety, and practicality addressed



  • Learn how to alter your current recipes to incorporate more plants 
  • Learn easy substitutes for processed foods, animal meat and animal products to make eating more WFPB a breeze
  • Learn easy, delicious recipes 
  • Learn meal prepping tips and tricks

  • Learn how to eat WFPB on the go and at restaurants 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Your health, your weight, your energy levels, your mood can all be significantly improved with your diet! Discover the benefits of a WFPB diet for yourself and I'll show you how!


"Your class made a big impact on my life. Thank you."


"I feel great about the changes I have made to my diet because I know it will lead to a healthier me."

Krystal’s nutrition class was exactly what I was looking for and more. My goal in taking her class was to improve on a what I thought was a good diet. I wanted to lose weight and maintain it. I was also concerned about disease as I aged.

Before I started the class, I did not realize that she was encouraging a whole food plant based diet. However, her knowledge and information convinced me that this is the best diet for me. Krystal’s class was relaxed, fun, informative, and interactive. She was very encouraging and nonjudgmental. Her philosophies on how to transition to a whole food plant based diet were instrumental in my progress.

As a result of Krystal’s class, I now eat about a 95% plant based diet. I have lost weight and have no problem keeping it off. I have more energy and I feel great about the changes I have made to my diet because I know it will lead to a healthier me. Krystal’s class made a big impact on my life.
I highly recommend taking Krystal’s class. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.


"...I was able to bring down my blood glucose levels to a safe range during the course of the class."

I enjoyed Krystal’s nutrition program – it was well-organized and although backed by scientific detail, was easy to understand.

I learned a lot about a Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet and Krystal provided guidance on how to get started and items to consider (e.g., the Dirty Dozen and pesticides in produce) when putting together a meal. I enrolled in hopes of controlling my Type 2 diabetes. Combined with intermittent fasting and exercise, I was able to bring down my blood glucose levels to a safe range during the course of the class.

Many in the class were focused on weight loss and they all had made good progress by the end of the course. I was focused on lean muscle mass and Krystal provided advice on getting sufficient protein during strength training. Getting that kind of personalized advice was a big benefit of being in class. I would highly recommend taking Krystal’s course.


WFPB 101: Creating a Plant-Powered Plate

WFPB 101


  • 5 weekly modules teaching you what you need to know about a WFPB diet
  • Framework to easily transition to 90% WFPB in 4 weeks
  • 3 day food journal 
  • Resource list of documentaries, websites, podcasts and more
  • Bonus material: How to alter your recipes, easy substitutes, quick and easy recipes, meal prepping tips and tricks and how to eat WFPB on the go 

WFPB 101 with Coaching


  • Everything in the WFPB package
  • Four 1:1 coaching sessions (45min by phone or video conference) with Doctor Krystal to provide personalized guidance and suggestions to maximize your ability to achieve your goals. Doctor Krystal will also answer you questions and provide accountability if needed
  • Comprehensive assessment form included to assess your current diet and lifestyle habits
  • Review of 3 day food journal, including personalized recommendations for easy swaps and way to include more fiber
  • Personalized resources to match your needs and interests

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Medical Disclaimer: Although Dr. Krystal is a licensed Advanced Practice Pharmacist, she is legally unable to start, stop or adjust your medications. With significant diet changes, please expect significant health changes that may require changes in your medication dosing. If you are making major changes to your diet (especially if you are taking medications to manage your blood sugar or blood pressure) please consult your physician and change your diet under your physician's supervision.